Program designed to pick color from your desktop.

RfSleeperPC 1.3

Program is designed to automate the shutdown Computer, Hibernate Computer, Computer input into sleep mode, turn off the monitor in the appointment or after some time.

QR Code Creator 1.0

The program for creating QR-Codes.

QR Plug 1.1

Plugin for Joomla, creates QR code for text placed between the tags  {QRCODE}text{/QRCODE} in materials.

MagnifyingGlass 1.0

The program magnifying glass.

RfSpeekTime 1.03

Voice reminder time.

NBURates 1.0.4

Load NBU rates.

The program loads the NBU rate (directly from the official site) on the date specified into XML file.
Included is the treatment of 1C rate for imports.

Hasher 1.0

Program for calculating hashes of files or text




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